My stone age house

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  • First drill eight holes in a piece  of wood.
  • Then put sticks in the holes.
  • Get smaller sticks and weave them around the larger ones.
  • Get some long sticks and tie them together leaving a 10cm gap.
  • Fetch little lumps of hay,tie  the bits of hay together.
  • Keep putting it on the roof until you are done.







Windmill Farmer

When he finally decided to come out he was delighted with his sight well, only in beauty-he was actually horrified with his sight there, right in front of his eyes was a wrecked area of windmills all around him. Every inch of ground was covered in mess . The farmer was staring in despair then fell to his to his knees and went to bed.


The Windmill Farmer

The farmer was just in bed when his bedroom went as dark as the soil. It was hammering it down with streaking lightning. The farmer tried to open the door slowly but the wind blew it open instead. The windmills were bending left then right. Quick as a flash it was gone. Where did it go? Then another then another. The windmills were going crazy. One more standing. Bending left bending right. Still standing. Then a windmill came past and chopped it up faster then you can say Dinner.