Neolithic round house homework

IMG_0913This is how to make a stone age round house.

Make a round circle with air drying clay. Then put sticks in it.  Then leave it to dry. When it is dry, weave sticks in and out the other sticks. After that get 4 sticks and tie them together. Weave string round the sticks to the bottom of it. Then do it the other way.

It is done!!!


3 thoughts on “Neolithic round house homework

  1. Well done Freddie I really like your information about how to make the Stone Age round house and your instructions were really clear to follow I am going to try and make it

  2. I liked how you made your instructions clear and they look really easy to follow. I might even try to make it myself. Well done Freddie and well done for the instructions about the stone age round house

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